6 Tips on Hosting a Covid-Friendly Holiday Party

We’re gearing up for another holiday season and while it seems like some aspects of our lives are getting back to normal, the pandemic isn’t over yet, which is why it’s still important to be cautious this holiday season. 

Getting together with friends and family is one of the most special parts of the holiday season and many of us missed the opportunity to spend time with relatives and other loved ones during the height of the pandemic last year. With more people traveling and getting together for parties this year, keep some of these Covid-friendly holiday party tips in mind before inviting the guests over to celebrate.

Keep It Small

Even if all of your party guests have been vaccinated, it’s a good idea to keep the party small. People are often traveling from other places during the holidays, which means there’s a greater chance they may have been exposed to Covid. Limiting your guest list will keep the party intimate and safe, preventing people from feeling crowded and reducing the chance of contraction.

Encourage Guests to Wear Masks if They Would Like

Many hosts don’t feel comfortable requiring their guests to wear masks to a holiday party, whether it’s because they already spend time with some of the guests in close proximity to each other or because it can get in the way of eating and drinking. It’s not necessary to have a mask policy for your party, but we do suggest offering your guests the option to bring their own mask if it would put them at ease. Any guests that may have a greater risk of catching the virus should definitely bring a mask with them just in case.

Offer Your Guests Plenty of Sanitation Items

Keeping things sanitized is key to preventing the virus from spreading. Set up several cute, decorative hand sanitizing stations throughout the party, so your guests have plenty of opportunities to keep their hands germ-free. Scatter individual sanitizing wipes throughout the party as well in case any guests want to wipe down a surface or item before using it. You can even hand out little Covid-friendly goodies bags at the beginning of the party filled with personal hand sanitizer, cute holiday masks, and more.

Avoid Serving Shared Snacks and Foods

Although reaching into a shared bowl of chips or popcorn used to be pretty standard procedure, those days are gone during the pandemic. You want to avoid people touching the same food items. Instead, create individually boxed meals or snacks to allow people to social distance if they want and prevent the need to touch shared food. You can get super creative with your meals by decorating the boxes, adding guests’ names, and even including a small prize or gift in each. If you’re putting out a cheese board or charcuterie board, it’s important to have the proper serving utensils to avoid your guests using their hands.

Provide Multiple Areas for People to Mingle

Living in the South, we’re lucky enough to have mild weather in the winters, which sometimes allows us to spend the holidays outdoors if the temperature is right. If possible, try to offer your guests an outdoor area, whether it be the backyard or a porch, to provide a fresh air setting. Having several different rooms in the house set up for eating and mingling is also a great way to allow for space between guests and reduce the risk of getting sick.

Enjoy a Covid-Friendly Holiday Party This Year

Spend time with friends and family this year by hosting a Covid-safe gathering when you follow our tips! Your guests will appreciate your effort and enjoy their individualized holiday goodie bags and meals. 

Happy holidays, y’all!


PS) If you’re not hosting this year, don’t forget to bring your host a cute hostess gift!