Not Hosting Thanksgiving This Year? Here's What to Gift Your Host

The holiday season is upon us, which means it’s time to start shopping for gifts. And, if you’re not planning to host this year’s Thanksgiving festivities or another holiday party, it’s good guest etiquette to bring your host a gift. 

Thanksgiving is approaching quickly, so we’ve pulled together a guide to some great gift ideas to bring to your host this year!

Gift Basket

Everyone loves a fun, festive gift basket — and there’s so many different types of basket you can bring. A seasonal basket filled with goodies like fall-scented candles, holiday themed snacks, peppermint tea, and other themed items like tea towels or mugs. Fill a basket with a variety of different wines and wine tags for the vino-loving host, or fill a basket with sweet treats and desserts. When shopping for a gift basket, keep your host’s specific interests in mind and personalize the items to his or her taste.

Seasonal Plant

As fall fades into winter, our time spent outdoors around plants and nature tends to dwindle — yes, even here in the Lowcountry. But, a beautiful, thriving plant could be just the thing to brighten your host’s day and bring a little piece of nature into his or her home. The poinsettia is, of course, a traditional holiday choice, but you can also explore more unique options like a money tree, a small magnolia tree, or a Christmas cactus. For a low maintenance option, gift your host with a succulent or an air plant in a beautiful hanging holder.

Personalized Decor

Everyone likes having a little personalized touch to a gift. If you’re attending a Thanksgiving gathering here in Charleston, consider bringing your host custom something that reminds them of home like one of The Neighborhood Shoppe’s cotton napkins, wooden spoons, dish towels, sweatshirt, or tote bags decorated with neighborhoods in the area including Sullivan’s Island, I’on, James and Johns Island, and more.

A Handwritten Thank You Card

In today’s digital world, the art of writing a letter has died off, but the joy of receiving a personal letter from someone never dies. Find a beautiful holiday greeting card or handmade paper to inscribe a heartfelt message of gratitude and thanks for your host. We recommend pairing your letter with a small gift like a seasonal candle or a bottle of wine, but the thoughtfulness of a handwritten note will resonate with your host for years to come.

A Cheese Board

The perfect gift for someone who loves to host, cheese boards, are both functional and decorative. The Neighborhood Shoppe offers a collection of beautiful cheese boards in marble, ceramic, and rustic wood. With a selection that matches your host’s vibe and decorative tastes, he or she can use this gift for future gatherings and cherish the memories of your Thanksgiving together.

A Gift of Thanks

Thanksgiving is all about appreciation for friends, family, and life, so there’s seldom a better time to give your Thanksgiving host a thoughtful gift. These options are some of the most common items that your host will love, but they also give you the ability to tailor your gift to your host’s specific style and interest. We know you’ll make the perfect selection!